Celebrities, Athletes & Doctors are Raving about a “Holy Water” Supplement that’s Restoring pH Balance with Astounding Results!

Angela A
3 min readSep 13, 2021

Balance7™ is a pH balancing supplement, designed to give your body a burst of alkalinity. This dietary supplement is a highly alkalizing concentrate liquid from a proprietary mix of safe, organic minerals with a pH of 11+. This high level of alkalinity, when consumed according to the recommended guidelines, can reduce a build-up of acid in the body. With this dangerous acid out of the way, the body is free and better able to heal itself, balance pH levels, reduce acid build-up, and maintain a healthy immune system.

The Balance7™ Mission is to educate and inform customers about the danger of acidosis, understanding acid-base balance in their bodies,and the relation of acidosis to a multitude of chronic health problems.~CEO Dr. Ahmad Nooristani

There are many alkaline mineral supplements on the market, but Balance7™ is specially formulated with a high pH level. While most alkaline waters have a pH rating of eight or nine, Balance7™ is over 11! A pH rating of 11+ is equivalent to 20x higher than the competition on a pH scale — simple, natural and organic ingredients.

Preferred Choice for Athletic Recovery & Stamina

Balance7™ is the top choice by athletes Lamar Odom, Sonny Brasile, Greg Nickel, Bruce Fleisher, and Lorenzo Neal. The results speak for themselves!

Lamar Odom used Balance7™ while training for his boxing match with Aaron Carter. He suffered from poor levels of energy, memory loss and muscle weakness, which is why he decided to give Balance 7™ a try. Over the past few months, he noticed a huge difference in his overall health and stamina that have been a game-changer for his health, energy and well-being.

Best of all, the results speak for themselves, which is why this supplement has been coined the “Holy Water” of Health. Some of the benefits noted by customers of Balance7™ may help with the following:

  • Extended Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Memory Recall
  • Cognitive Improvement
  • Promoting Cardiovascular Health
  • Promoting Normal Digestions
  • Cellular Regeneration
  • Maintaining a Healthy Immune System
  • Supporting Healthy Bones & Muscles
  • Tapping into a Greater Purpose

Founder Alvin “Al” Siamon developed Balance7™ on a quest to save lives and change the expectation of deteriorating health with aging. Al knew he needed to embark on a journey to discover a solution and implement global change.

Al’s own health issues and being told by doctors that “this was normal for his age,” served to ignite a powerful passion of discovering a product to promote health and healing around the world. Al’s entire professional career has been dedicated toward developing impactful patents and products centered on antimicrobial/antibacterial solutions.

Al invented Balance7™ as a means to naturally enable the body to fight disease and illness without prescription drugs.

Today, at 91 years of age, Al has overcome Kidney Cancer and a Triple Bypass Surgery that has shocked the healthcare community with his full recovery, resilience and increased energy levels after using Balance7™.

Beyond a Miracle, It’s Simply Science

CEO of Balance7™ Dr. Ahmad Nooristani is a licensed medical doctor with 15 years of experience practicing medicine. He has been involved in recent breakthrough research in the field of alternative medicine, enabling patients the opportunity to enjoy solutions that were not available until now. Working closely with so many patients every day has motivated him to broaden research in finding a new path to healing what modern medicine has not accomplished.

Dr. Nooristani understands that there are thousands, if not millions, of people struggling for years with low energy levels, exhaustion and general feelings of poor health. He is committed in

helping those people to take control of their life. Dr. Nooristani strongly believes that Balance7™ is one of the key factors in jumpstarting the journey to great health, serving its customers with natural and effective solutions to help them lead healthier lives.

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