From Farm to Table and in Your Kitchen with Founder of ‘Culinary Farmstead,’ Cookbook Author and Chef Jess Lewis

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Chef and Author Jess Lewis may be heralded for teaching, training and creating the most delectable ‘im-pasta-ble’ cuisine, but her farm-to-table approach in creating Mediterranean rustic dishes steeped in culture and history make her dinner parties and classes truly unique. There’s something to be said for truly following your passion, tapping into an innate joy and celebrating your talents and creativity with the world.

“After many successful years in tech working as an engineer and investor, one passion always rose to the surface as a way to destress from my corporate life — cooking and farmsteading. Food and culture has really always been part of my life and was a way to create strong family and friendship bonds, but a few years ago, I started teaching classes and hosting farm-to-table dinner parties on my farm. Seeing people learn about and connect with food on a different level has been very rewarding and has led to a successful business I now call Culinary Farmstead.” — Lewis

Take a closer look at her journey from a technical field to the culinary arts, and what Lewis has in store for others who are tip-toing around the kitchen with a curious culinary appetite and love for all things ‘pasta-ble.’

Ancestral Bond & Beyond

Lewis is a trained chef, pastaia, cookbook author, modern homesteader, and outspoken food security activist. While her farm and home reside in North Carolina where she cultivates, cooks, and leads professional chef retreats, her roots dig deeper into the heart of Europe.

From a young age, Lewis tapped into her craft instilled through hands-on pasta-making with her beloved grandmother and great aunt in Sicily where she lived at the time. Since then, Lewis has fused her skill with the cuisines of her ancestors and has become one of the global experts in her field, teaching the art and history of pasta-making, as well as creating the very best medium for growing culinary gardens.

Ready to Serve

Cooking classes focused on Traditional Rustic Italian and Mediterranean, fermentation, cheeses, homemade charcuterie, advanced Certified Pasta Chef course, farm-to-table dinner parties, artisan farm goods, and regenerative agriculture are just some of the unique offerings provided by Culinary Farmstead.

“I offer the only stand-alone Pasta Chef Certification course made for home cooks or traditionally trained chefs to help them become experts in one of the best comfort foods in the world — Pasta. My certification course covers history, regional influence (Italy and beyond), science, and, of course, the pasta making itself including everything from hand- cut pasta to ravioli and flavor/color variations.” — Lewis

Lewis’ mission is to enable hopeful chefs, culinary afficionados and cooking newbies to dive in and enjoy the process from growing herbs to simple appetizers and preparing masterful meals.

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In Store for More

Coming soon in January 2023, Lewis is launching a new course for beginners/intermediates who desire a deeper dive into making from-scratch pasta for their families and friends without having to take the more involved certification course.

“There’s something quite lovely about making your own pasta. There’s something even more lovely about watching and learning from Chef Jess. Her passion for melding grain and water is unmistakable. You’ll go to learn how to cut noodles, you’ll leave with a renewed commitment to the essence of food itself.” — M Cohen

Tap into all the ‘pasta-bilities,’ upcoming announcements, promotions, recipes, and more on and @CulinaryFarmstead on Instagram.

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