From Tragedy to Purpose, Sanita Mitchell Launches Nonprofit Anaya’s Project to Support Bereaved Families with Infant and Pregnancy Loss, Fertility Struggles and Grief

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5 min readMay 23, 2022

More than 12 years ago, Antonio and Sanita Mitchell lost their precious little girl Anaya Simone at 28 weeks of pregnancy. Despite their heartache, their faith aided them in overcoming their pain and beginning a new life focused on inspiring and helping couples in need. While experiencing the isolating world of grief, they continued to struggle with infertility and constant testing to remedy the issue, this ignited a new birth in the launch of the nonprofit organization,Anaya’s Project.

“Anaya’s name means ‘to guard or protect,’ which captures our purpose in protecting grieving couples and those facing infertility issues. Our goal is to provide sincere love, hope, and encouragement to couples and their families in need, so that none of them ever feel alone.” — Sanita Mitchell

Oftentimes, when a single mother, couple, and/or male counterpart experience grief, loss and/or frustration throughout the fertility process, the management of feelings, emotion and processing of the traumatic event remain unresolved. Couples are expected to jump back into their daily routines and cope without support or guidance. Anaya’s Project serves to lend a hand of support through a wide-range of services to properly assist all members of a family through this difficult time.

Supporting Bereaved Families

“We protect, guard, and care for every grieving couple in need through support services and programs dedicated to families that have lost a child or are struggling with fertility issues.” — Sanita Mitchell

Pregnancy & Infant Loss

It’s one of the most devastating experiences that any parent can ever face. Sadly, 1 in 4 families will experience the heartbreak of pregnancy or infant loss via miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal loss, and infant loss.

It may seem like a common part of life, yet many families feel still alone and misunderstood. Anaya’s Project understands the pain and guilt that is often associated with pregnancy and infant loss.

“We know that men hurt too and are in need of support. We understand that pregnancy loss impacts more than just mom and dad. It can affect siblings, grandparents, aunts, and uncles too. Pregnancy and infant loss can stretch a marriage to a breaking point. This is why we have created programs and services that will help the entire family!” — Sanita Mitchell

Infertility Challenges

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan when trying for a family. There are no words to describe the frustration that comes with that.

1 in 8 families will experience some form of fertility challenges. Anaya’s Project relates to the emotional upheaval in a failed pregnancy test or IVF cycle and those heartbreaking questions from well-meaning friends and family. The fear of multiple tests, health challenges, or procedures can be overwhelming, expensive, and daunting.

Surrounding yourself with people who can relate to this painful journey is important. Anaya’s Project is passionate about supporting families who are experiencing fertility challenges and helping them to never feel alone.

Anaya’s Project aims to support bereaved couples through services and programs dedicated to those that have lost a pregnancy, infant, or are facing fertility challenges. From scholarships to virtual support groups, they help you through this tough time.

Services and Programs

Anaya’s Project offers a variety of services that help those that have lost a pregnancy, infant, or are facing fertility challenges. We also offer support for families of bereaved couples as well. Explore the special boxes to show a parent’s care, scholarships, burial assistance, and life certificates.

Anaya’s Project also aims to foster an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for those that have lost a pregnancy, infant, or are facing fertility challenges. Learn more about the support groups and the quarterly Grief Recovery Method sessions available as well.

“You can live victoriously after experiencing loss. You don’t have to figure out how to pick up the broken pieces after experiencing the loss of a loved one, a relationship loss, friendship loss, or pet loss.” — Sanita Mitchell

Anaya’s Toolkit

Anaya’s Hope Chest — a bereavement box filled with items to help couples honor and remember their beautiful baby. Each box is curated with a teddy bear, 2 handmade bracelets, a candle, writing journal, message to parents, 2 tea bags, and tips for managing pregnancy and infant loss.

Anaya’s Angel Gown — provides burial garments for babies of various ages.

Grief Support Programs

Grief Recovery for Pregnancy and Infant Loss — Group and one-on-one sessions available. The Grief Recovery Method is an eight-week, evidence-based method that moves mothers, fathers and family members through their loss, while providing hands-on and life-long support.

Helping Children with Loss Program — Anaya’s Project offers a support program for adults to help children deal with loss. This loss can be with the death of someone close to the child, family divorce, pet loss, moving to a new environment, school changes and others. This four- week program teaches participants how to communicate the loss to the child and help them through grief.

The Men’s Grief Haven — This is a safe place where men can discuss pregnancy and infant loss and infertility, equipping them with actionable resources to make their lives better, one day at a time.

Marriage After Loss (quarterly) — Anaya’s Project understands how difficult it can be to uphold a relationship after a serious loss. The Marriage After Loss Program focuses on restoring relationships and building stronger bonds.

Journey After Loss (quarterly) -

About Sanita Mitchell

Sanita Mitchell is the Founder of the Nonprofit Anaya’s Project, certified HisCoach Life Coach, Marriage Dynamics and Prepare Enrich Facilitator, and a certified Grief Recovery Specialist through the Grief Recovery Institute. Sanita is the author of “10 Keys to Walking in Greatness” and also offers grief tips and strategies in the book, “We All Grieve Differently.”

Sanita also ran her own registered In-Home Childcare Program and currently serves as a 2ndgrade teacher and worked as Sunday School teacher for over 10 years. What’s more — Sanita also worked as a Marriage Ministry leader and led “The Perfect Family Blend” that provided support, programs and events for blended families. Her show “In the Mix with the Mitchells”also proved successful during this time.

This eight-week course helps couples who have experienced pregnancy loss, infant loss and/or infertility challenges.

In this six-week online course, Anaya’s Project helps any individual who has experienced pregnancy and infant loss and/or infertility challenges.

Calendar Announcements

Begin Again Virtual Brunch — August 13th from 10am — 2pm EST

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Anaya’s Walk of Love — October 15th from 9am — 12pm EST

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