From Tragedy to Purpose, Sanita Mitchell Launches Nonprofit Anaya’s Project to Support Bereaved Families with Infant and Pregnancy Loss, Fertility Struggles and Grief

“Anaya’s name means ‘to guard or protect,’ which captures our purpose in protecting grieving couples and those facing infertility issues. Our goal is to provide sincere love, hope, and encouragement to couples and their families in need, so that none of them ever feel alone.” — Sanita Mitchell

“We protect, guard, and care for every grieving couple in need through support services and programs dedicated to families that have lost a child or are struggling with fertility issues.” — Sanita Mitchell

“We know that men hurt too and are in need of support. We understand that pregnancy loss impacts more than just mom and dad. It can affect siblings, grandparents, aunts, and uncles too. Pregnancy and infant loss can stretch a marriage to a breaking point. This is why we have created programs and services that will help the entire family!” — Sanita Mitchell

“You can live victoriously after experiencing loss. You don’t have to figure out how to pick up the broken pieces after experiencing the loss of a loved one, a relationship loss, friendship loss, or pet loss.” — Sanita Mitchell



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