Giving the Gift of Gratitude

Angela A
3 min readFeb 16, 2021


Celebrating Loved Ones with the Gift of Good Health and Clean Hands

Pay it forward with a valuable token of appreciation for beloved family members, caring teachers, bus drivers, favorite cashiers, community members, and loved ones with bottles of refreshingly scented and moisturizing H2One Hand Sanitizer that will resonate well beyond the typical over-done gift cards and thank you notes.

Not all hand sanitizer is created equal. That’s why Brand Trust & Purity of Product is more important than ever before! Active ingredients need to meet standards (FDA,WHO, CDC) for safety and effectiveness, and also be skin-friendly.

As seen in Vogue,

H2One has created a USP grade, FDA registered, 75% Ethyl Alcohol premium hand sanitizer formulated with Vitamin E and essentials oils.

“We’re dedicated to making it easier for you to care for yourself, and to take better care of others,” says Zaccagnino. “Every online purchase of our H2One provides a bottle to one in need. We are widening the circle of care with our H2One for One Promise.”

Global Health Initiative:

From day one, the H2One mission has been to help support global health initiatives with donations to communities through non-profits organizations, food banks, churches, synagogues, etc., especially in low-income communities.

“Everybody has their own unique life path. My wish is that the H2One Promise movement will encourage other companies to do the same as we ‘lead by example’ at Code One Inc.,” the parent company of H2One.

H2One has launched its giving back program by donating to New York Yankees, Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, San Francisco Marin Food Bank, and to almost 400 public schools in the NY Tri-State area to keep children and teachers safe. Also, H2One has teamed up with Gio Urshela & Gleyber Torres to donate more than 72,000 bottles to their home countries of Colombia and Venezuela.

Every online purchase of H2One provides a bottle to one in need. H2One is widening the circle of care with the H2One for One Promise by focusing on making sure frontline workers are safe by donating bottles to organizations in need.

Products are available at Amazon Prime,, Loop & Tie, Wish, NewEgg, and select Home Goods and Marshalls stores.

Brand Anthem Video:

For child safety hand sanitizer application, please view this educational video that H2One created prior to kids heading back to school.

For more information about H2One Hand Sanitizer and their Giving Back Program, visit

Dr. Boakye says that the key to finding the best hand sanitizer for eczema-prone and sensitive skin is to look for those that have the right amount of ethyl alcohol, which is 75%, but “also has moisturizing properties such as essential oils.” A personal favorite of Dr. Boakye’s is H2One, which she recently purchased for her office. Along with the required ethyl alcohol, its formula is hydrating, with aloe vera and essential oils.