Health Living Tips by LaJune Singleton

Angela A
3 min readSep 13, 2022

LaJune Singleton is the CEO & Founder of LaJune Singleton, LLC a fitness, health, mindset, nutrition, and wellness business. A Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Mindset Strategist, Nutritional Lifestyle Coach, Writer, the author of “Releasing My Trauma: The Root of Self-Sabotage”, Podcaster, Cycling Instructor, and Personal Trainer with over 10 years of experience working with busy diverse women and girls, in the areas of obesity, fitness, chronic illnesses, trauma, mindset, nutrition, wellness, mental/physical health, and injury recovery.

In this article she shares her best health and wellness tips:


Mindset is the major key for people who are stuck at home. Of course, we would rather have the option to be out and about instead of interacting via zoom, facetime, etc. The key to mindset is to identify the reasons you are unmotivated to work out and overeating. Are you eating because you are bored, stressed, frustrated, worried, triggered, or emotionally eating? Journaling is a good way to release negative thoughts/feelings, writing health/fitness goals for the day/week, and meditating. Meditation is a good way to calm your mind and improve breathing.

Healthy Eating Habits:

Ways to prevent overeating by dividing snacks in small Ziploc sandwich bags, which helps to avoid eating an entire bag of chips or pack of cookies. There are so many delicious healthy snack options as well, such as organic fruit snacks, popcorn, carrots/broccoli/celery slices with almond butter, sunflower butter, hummus, guacamole, or your favorite dressing. There is also the choice of your favorite fruits to snack on throughout the day, it is all about lifestyle healthy eating decisions.


There are many exercises that can be done right in the home from sit-ups, pushups, bicep curls with water bottles or can foods, jumping jacks, running in place, squats, lunges, running or walking up and down the stairs in the home. There are also the options of gardening, cleaning, walking, or jogging in your neighborhood to get fit and to get back on track.

Energy Boosting Foods:

Bananas are a great snack before and after a workout, it is packed with vitamin B6, Carbohydrates, and Potassium. All are great sources that offers energy in the body. Potassium aids with heart health as well with muscles contracting and the response of the nerve cells. Carbohydrates breakdown into energy in the body, which offers main source of energy in the body. It fuels the central nervous system and energy for working muscles and brain function. Vitamin B6 helps with creating hemoglobin, which aids with making the red blood cells to transport oxygen through the body to provide energy.

Walking & Jogging:

Walking is a great total body cardio workout, stress relief, and help to reduce unwanted weight. No, equipment is needed, just your legs and a good pair of sneakers. Walking does not cause stress or strain on the body; you can go at your own pace. Taking 15 minutes to a one hour walk a day at a pace of three to five mph at least three to five times a week. Your walking speed will increase the length or frequency of walks as fitness improves overtime.

Jogging is another good total body cardio workout for keeping weight off and burning calories. Jogging can help with burning stomach fat related to chronic diseases and aid with building lean muscle mass as well as strength. Adding 10 to 45 minutes of jogging three to five times a week. Jogging contributes to improving joint, bone, and heart health, which improves knee cartilage composition.

The best thing about both are heart pumping and heart healthy exercises that can be done anywhere to help lower the risk of obesity. They both offer daily fitness and movement needed to keep you active and in shape. Especially now with the pandemic, some gyms still not open, and people not feeling comfortable returning to the gym. These two exercises can be done in your neighborhood or local park and safely social distance without feeling at risk of Covid. Jump start dropping your Covid and winter body for the spring/summer with a daily walk or jog to burn calories and drop pounds.

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