Healthcare Practitioners & Celebrities are Revealing the “Fountain of Health”

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2 min readFeb 24, 2021


The Answer to a World Filled with Toxic Pollutants & Free Radicals

The formula for overall health and healthy aging is a well protected, functioning immune system. To achieve this, we must place emphasis on our cellular health. HUmineral[TM] to the rescue!

Finally — every mineral the body requires, internal and external — contained in ONE bottle for kids to adults! The gift of health is HUmineral[TM] to increase overall health and a more robust lifespan by boosting the body’s immune response and increasing its natural ability to absorb minerals and nutrients.

HUmic/Fulvic Mineral, plant-based food nutrients and a broad-spectrum antiviral, delivers over 80+ organic major and trace minerals to the cell/body.

* Organic & Vegan * Free of Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Nut, Wheat, & Sugar * Non-GMO * All Natural Chemical-Free * Whole Food Supplements * No Separation of Humic and Fulvic * No Additives No Dilution Formulation * Made in USA * Suitable for Everyone — From Infants to Elderly

Healthy CELLS = Healthy BODY

HUmineral[TM] is dedicated to ongoing research and development toward the advancement in understanding the importance of cell health and how to achieve it.

Detox * Cleanse * Renew Skin * Increase Immune Function * Improve Cognitive Function & Focus Hormone Balance * Collagen Production * Better Sleep * Increase Energy & Stamina * Gut Health

HUmineral[TM] Mission: To provide the world with life-changing products and information focused on the importance of mineral supplementation, its benefits, and its significance to cellular health, which leads to greater longevity.

A healthy body runs on proper IMMUNE functionality.

The immune system is made up of individual cells, proteins, entire organs and organ systems. The immune system defends the body from “bacteria/viruses.” A healthy immune system detects the varietal bad agents (free radicals, toxins, etc.) and distinguishes them from healthy tissue.

The derma (skin), the largest organ, and mucous membranes are the first line of defense against bacteria/viruses entering from outside the body. Every single biological process of the body is connected to a mineral. The body cannot survive without MINERALS and WATER. How specialized the human body is, so incredibly, intricately, and profoundly formed of the dust of earth.

Featured in Suzanne Somers Book “A New Way to Age” Products Available for Shipping — Nationwide & Internationally!

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