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3 min readMar 26, 2021


Celebrity Chef to the Stars to Open “CEA-LO L.A.” Soul Food Restaurant on April 5th

If the Bronx wasn’t popping enough, New York City’s own Chef Christopher Montgomery, a South Bronx native now residing in Los Angeles, CA, is changing the game when it comes to the kitchen. Specializing in French, American, Gourmet Southern and Modern cuisine with an urban twist, Chef Chris delivers a unique and personal experience for diverse palettes. He later began consulting as a private chef, creating another opportunity to carve a niche for himself.

Chef Christopher Montgomery is now set to open up a new Soul Food restaurant on 5150 Sepulveda Blvd in Sherman Oaks. From training other chefs and growing other successful businesses and developing their menus, he brings well-rounded talent and business acumen to his latest Soul Food Restaurant, “CEA-LO L.A.”.

Chef Chris has worked with a well-known list of celebrities and has been invited to cook some of their meals as their personal chefs. Chef Chris was featured in the Stylist Suite, a Vogue Italia editorial, where celebrity stylist Germaine Hill (Sytist for the Late and Great Prince, Keenan Ivory Wayans, and Wanda Sykes among others) was a guest. He was head chef at Black Bottom Southern Café, new spot where celebrities of all kinds patronized, including Raphael Saadiq, Niecy Nash, Richard Roundtree, Chandra Wilson, Jesse Williams, Dawn Lewis, Jackee Harry, Nipsey Hussle, Martin Lawrence, Flex Alexander, Kenny Latimore, among others. He was even requested to specially prepare both on and off menu items for Denzel and Pauletta Washington and Lenny Kravitz on various occasions.

A Giving Heart and Soul

Chef Chris’ passion for culinary arts and business goes well beyond his world-class training from David Burke and the Art Institute of NY, as it’s his way of giving back to communities in need. Determined to open his dream restaurant “CEA-LO L.A.” during the pandemic, Chef Chris tapped into his savings to reach his goal of serving delectable dishes to his community. As a leader with a big heart in his community, he seeks out creative ways to help the homeless by bringing them items of need and continuing to expand his outreach to serve as many as possible.

Beyond Savings

While Chef Chris achieves his dream restaurant, envisioned since the age of 14, turning this into a reality has required much more than talent, grit, and unwavering passion. As all new entrepreneurs know, it also involves substantial capital to make it happen. There are always more costs associated with opening a business than purchasing the building, food, supplies, and setup. As a community leader always looking for ways to help others in need, and in celebrating fellow black-owned businesses, he set up a Go-Fund-Me page to help with additional unexpected expenses that were beyond his savings.

Raving reviews have been flooding in over his pop-up restaurant in Sherman Oaks, that boasts an atmosphere of love and togetherness in serving his community! As a photographer with a focus on his dishes, he loves to share his new ideas on social media and is always creating something new behind the scenes. Now with an established following online and in-person, Chef Chris is eager to open up the restaurant of his dreams, “CEA-LO L.A.” on April 5th.

Foodies Speak

Lashaun Turner — an independent business owner, media personality, and soul food lover — was contacted by one of Chef Chris’ guests. Upon dining at his restaurant, she generously featured him in the Foodie section of her magazine “Cali.FM” with such favorable reviews that set things into motion quickly thereafter. Read the complete review at

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