‘Impasse’: Action Thriller to Star Kaelen Ohm, Gord Rand and Nicholas Campbell

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4 min readOct 27, 2021



Kaelen Ohm (Hit & Run), Gord Rand (Orphan Black) and Nicholas Campbell (Coroner) have jumped aboard ‘Impasse’, an action thriller film slated for release next summer, which is the directorial debut of Barret Kaplan.

‘Impasse’ is written by brothers Matthew Kohnen and Sean Kohnen (The Funeral Guest) who are also Executive Producing. The film is produced by Nina Bains (Thirteen Downs) as well as David J. Phillips (Eat Wheaties!) and Dominic Ewenson (Papa Est Devenu un Lutin). Matthew Kohnen also serves as director of photography. ‘Impasse’ will be filming in the town of Caledon just north of Toronto, Canada.

“We tried to write something fun and entertaining, but real, and we’ve landed on a fantastic cast. The idea was to cast against type, to go against grizzled hardened criminals. These are all characters who find themselves in circumstances they are not ready for. We preferred actors who were vulnerable over ‘hardcore’.”- Writers Matthew Kohnen and Sean Kohnen

Nail-Biting Twists & Turns

The film tells the story of Abby Gardner (Ohm) who is a young mother taking a solo getaway from the pressures of marriage and motherhood at her family’s country estate. She finds herself taken hostage by Bennet (Rand), a criminal on the lam. After breaking free and calling the local Sheriff (Campbell) for help, violent events unfold that has Abby questioning her own intentions.

Cast Commentary

This nonstop, mind-bending film is filled with a myriad of relatable characters pushed to the brink of insanity. The script propels audiences through an unforgettable ride of intensity, dark drama and sprinkled with enough levity to round-out a truly exceptional cast bringing to life a solid storyline.

Take a closer look at some of the feedback from the actors themselves:

“This script is really tight, really funny and intense. It offered an opportunity to play a character I often don’t get to play — a character who is rough around the edges. The intensity is nonstop action, and like a modern western, where people are driven to extreme situations. It’s an adventure but with empathetic characters.” — Gord Rand

“Sheriff Bill McLean is a small-town sheriff with a short fuse, who is a bad guy. The script is strong, a really good movie you sit down and watch to the end.” — Nicholas Campbell

About Barret Kaplan making his directorial debut: “Barrett has been terrific — from the first day, everything he said was right-on.” — Nicholas Campbell

“Abby is a very complicated person who has a dark side, and in this film, we catch her in the darkest moment of her life. This event forces her to look at everything in a different way. She has to decide what she is fighting for in all aspects of her life.” — Kaelen Ohm

“About reading the script: It had all of the elements of cinema that could conceivably be amazing: really good relationships, storyline, action, and hilarious dark comedy. It really took me by surprise.” — Kaelen Ohm

Leading Talent

Kaelen Ohm recently played Danielle Wexler Azulay on the Netflix series Hit & Run. Gord Rand has appeared in a plethora of critically acclaimed work the last two decades and most recently appears as Minister Burroughs in Chapelwaite on Epix. Veteran actor Nicholas Campbell has been a television staple for the last 40 years and is most known for starring as Dominic Da Vinci on Da Vinci’s Inquest and most recently as Gordon Cooper on Coroner on The CW.

Ohm is represented by ICM Partners and The Characters Talent Agency, Rand is also represented by The Characters Talent Agency and Campbell is represented by Noble Caplan Abrams. Sean and Matthew Kohnen are represented by Writ Large and the Verve Talent and Literary Agency.

Star-Studded Lineup