Jonathan England Sparks a Global Movement that’s Healing Humanity From the Inside Out

Angela A
3 min readJul 12, 2021


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One transformational event could change the world! Commonly referred to as “the most powerful and impactful event on the planet,” Jonathan England is propelling a crucial shift in

the way people attract happiness, success, spiritual connection, and fulfillment through his guidance and empowering practices as detailed in latest book, “If I Die Before I Wake.” As the Founder of “Earthwaking: A Global Movement That’s Healing Humanity From The Inside Out,” Jonathan instills the foundational skills to enable people to tap into their deepest desires and set into motion the necessary shifts to transition the “impossible” to become the “inevitable.”

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What is a shift?

It’s that single instant when everything changes. It’s the movement from problem to possibility, from victim of circumstance to creator of circumstances. Ultimately, it’s shifting from a state of Fear and Confusion to one of Love and Clarity.

Wayne Dyer said and Quantum Physics explained that if one changes the way to look at things, the things looked at will inevitably change…LITERALLY!

Einstein said it best when he taught that a person cannot solve a problem at the level of consciousness that created it. Take a closer look at what causes a shift, and how it happens:

To experience a shift, first admit that the current effort isn’t working… a person must be willing to end the insanity that is being repeated, routinely. Then open the mind and heart to new opportunities, experiences, mindsets, and realities. Let go of the struggle, need to be right, and step out of the comfort zone to allow easy and effortless desires to come to life. Each person deserves to have an incredible life and a life-changing gift… for FREE!

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EarthWaking University

The EarthWaking University mission is to reinvent the educational system. They teach literacy in health, wealth, happiness, relationships, and spiritual connection with a goal to empower people to find 3Dimensional Freedom (mentally, physically and spiritually) by uncovering their “True Self” and unlock their individual life’s purpose.

About Jonathan England

Jonathan England is a #1 International Best-Selling Author as well as the Founder of EarthWaking University. From living on his last penny and lacking ambition, he transformed his entire life to become an established and successful real estate investor and then founder of an entirely new educational system.

Jonathan is a coach, speaker, trainer, author and entrepreneur assisting those willing to remove layers of social conditioning, discover their true self and Awaken their Destiny.

Jonathan’s participants of EarthWaking University have some of the most radical and miraculous transformation stories in the world. Whether it’s a story of sickness to health, poverty to wealth, depression to joy, lonely to surrounded by love, or lost to found, Jonathan is one of the best in the world, assisting people make rapid 180’ degree turn-arounds in their life.