“Life After Divorce: Turning Pain into Power” is a Must-Read Collection of Real Stories that Offer Hope, Strength and the Power to Navigate Toward Personal Freedom and Happiness

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“No longer will those who face divorce be victims of their pain. With the right tools and resources, learn to rise again, from a place of pain to freedom.” — Author Dr. Dana Watson

Many say that the most giving and wise souls are individuals who may have suffered the most, endured tremendous pain, and have risen again from the ashes of being burned to tap into renewed strength, purpose, and personal power. There’s no doubt that processing an experience, healing from trauma and finding happiness is not only possible, it’s a necessary step toward living the best life.

International Best-Selling Author Dr. Dana Watson offers a guiding light at the end of the dark tunnel of divorce through her collection of real and heartfelt testimony from others who have navigated through distinct situations. Available in Winter 2022, this anthology offers powerful perspectives into one of the most common, isolating and painful experiences in uncoupling and personal exploration.

Life struggle and personal pain comes in many forms, but it is the ability to get back up, learn and grow renewed strength and persevere that sets each person apart. Take a closer look at how surviving domestic violence and leaving an abusive relationship fueled the future of Dr. Dana Watson to empower others to turn their ‘pain into freedom’ through holistic healing from the inside-out.

Elev8te & Healing

Dr. Dana Watson is a Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Multi-Certified Master Coach, International Tedx Speaker, Trainer, Ordained Minister, and CEO of Elev8te Health & Wellness LLC, I-Am-Healed Academy, and a Founding Member on the Board of Directors for The O.A.T. Foundation. She is a multi-certified coach specializing in emotional eating, anxiety, trauma, and self-care.

As a survivor of domestic violence, Watson began working with individuals ready to leave toxic relationships and taught skills that were needed for a healthy relationship.

After having lost her mother to liver cancer, Watson began intensive research on holistic healing, which led her to enroll at Health Coach Institute to become a Certified Health Coach. Aligning her personal journey as a survivor and collegiate training, she established Elev8te Health & Wellness to work with individuals who were diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety, and struggled with emotional eating.

Elev8te Health & Wellness is a restorative practice that focuses on the transformation of the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Elev8te provides holistic use of evidence-based skillful conversation, clinical interventions, and strategies to engage clients, actively and safely, in health-behavior change.

Services include:

Healing Academy: Trauma Focused Care Services Healing Academy: Healing Coaches Certificate Program

Trauma-Focused Certification Program: This self-paced program is designed for Christian leaders who want to incorporate pastoral coaching and counseling into their ministry.

Group Book Coaching Program for Aspiring Authors Various Books For Sale
Kids Mental & Emotional Health Program with Flashcards Contracting: Trauma Focused Care Services

Speaking Engagement Topics: Trauma, Domestic Abuse, & Divorce Recovery

90 Day V.I.P. Total Transformation Program: 12 sessions. The curriculum is designed to help you get more in tune with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions that guide your everyday choices. This program will empower you to be the leading authority in your life, and to increasingly feel confident that you know exactly what you need and how to provide it.

Self-paced course: 13 lessons that lead you on a step-by-step journey of healing from your emotional pain.

I-Am-Healed Academy, also Founded by Watson, allows her clients to enroll in self-paced courses on healing from trauma and providing training to individuals who desire to heal from their own trauma. Ultimately, these candidates will have the option of becoming Certified Healing Coaches to help others heal from trauma.

Regrowth & Rebuild

Watson is also a Licensed and Ordained Minister. Most recently, she was nominated as a Feminine Freedom Distinguished Honoree and received an Honorary Doctorate in Leadership and Divinity.

Watson is on a mission to rebuild one heart at a time, as she is best known for advocating for domestic violence victims, facilitating healthy relationships classes, and ministering to the youth of Norfolk, VA. She has committed herself to the Lord and has successfully turned her pain into purpose.

Watson has a heart to give back, as she has provided free services to women and men who are ready to escape abusive relationships as a volunteer in facilitating groups at Deerfield Correctional Center for Women and the Norfolk Juvenile Detention Center.

As a Founding Board Member of The O.A.T. Foundation, The Outreach Advisory Team, she focuses on strengthening, supporting and cultivating families. “Building safer communities and restoring broken homes: one family at a time.”

Applying Personal Pain to Professional Power

Watson has three Masters’ degrees in Human Services, Education, and Practical Theology. She is a proud alumnus of Old Dominion University, Cambridge College, and Regent University. She is also currently in a doctoral program working on her PHD in Christian Counseling. In addition, she has two honorary doctorate degrees in Divinity and Leadership.

“I have a background in counseling and take a holistic approach to healing. So, although you may come to me because you need help writing a book, I will also help you get to the root cause of the pain in your belly due to stress. Healing starts from the inside out, and the way we do one thing, we do all things. This is why I am able to help my clients in all areas of their life; health, relationships, businesses, job, finances, etc.”

Watson specializes in Individuals, couples, and families who have been impacted by stress and/or trauma in their lives, relationships, employment, or businesses. Coaching and counseling services are offered to youth and adults in individual and/or group sessions. Services also include grief coaching, health coaching, ADHD, relationship coaching, and life coaching.

“The key to succeeding is to never quit… Healthy, Happy, Healed” — Watson

Social Emotional Learning Program for Early Learners

“Express Yourself” is a social-emotional learning program for early learners (3–8) and children with learning disabilities. Consultation and training are available to early learning centers, private schools, public schools, and residential facilities.


“I have created a new flashcard program to teach early learners how to identify how they feel, and what they can do with their feelings. It’s all about exploring, experiencing and expressing their emotions. “ — Watson

Connecting with Readers

As a master in connecting and guiding those in need, Watson is an International Best-Selling Author who masterfully transcends her ability to heal through the written word.

She is author of “Because He Loves Me,” and “Man of Deception,” and a contributing author of “I’m a Praying Wife,” “It Cost to be the Boss,” and “Women Who Pray.” Most recently, she will release “Life After Divorce: Turning Pain into Power” this Winter.

“I enjoy writing fictional books, targeting single mothers and women who have relationship issues because that has been my experience. My books have a message of hope and encouragement, and it’s a reminder of God’s love.” — Watson

Life After Divorce: Turning Pain into Power” Anthology Book reveals a collection of stories on how eight beautiful souls were able to turn their pain into power. Some of these writers have found love again and are in new healthy relationships. Others have established a new relationship with the Lord and are using their pain to start new business ventures. This book is a book of hope and encouragement. No longer will those who face divorce be victims of their pain. And with the right tools and resources, you too can go from a place of pain to freedom.

5.0 out of 5 Stars, “Because He Loves Me” is AUTHENTICALLY WRITTEN

“I absolutely enjoyed the storyline! This is a must read for single women and men. The author allows the reader to experience domestic violence from the embryonic stage to the end. Authentically written!” — Dr. George

5.0 out of 5 Stars “Man of Deception” is a must read!

“Man of Deception is a must read! It had me on the edge of the seat, well bed in my case, towards the end with the anticipation of what’s next, I know he ain’t the one, she better not get back with him etc. lol…but I loved the book so real and so true. Perfect example of why we should put God first,love ourselves first and have deservability!” — Amanda Smith

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Speaking at “The Womenpreneur Forum” on 10/8/22
Moderating a Mental Health Panel
“Women Breaking the Silence” on 10/22/22

Speaking at the Chesapeake, VA, Domestic Violence Awareness Event about Domestic Violence on 10/29/22

Website & Social Media

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“Man of Deception” https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer- reviews/R23DFU91UHWY8X

“Women Who Pray” (Contributing Author) https://www.amazon.com/Women-Who-Pray-90-Day-Devotional- ebook/dp/B09CN4DJW3

“I’m A Praying Wife” (Contributing Author) https://www.amazon.com/Praying-Wife-Mrs-Jessica- Mosley/dp/1546910778

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