Marriage Duo Paul and Tiffany Nutall Produce new show 2nd Chance Saves Lives to Air on Fox

Angela A
4 min readAug 10, 2021

With much anticipation, we sat down with Fox soon-to-be newest show 2nd Chances Saves Lives produced by Paul and Tiffany Nutall soon to air on Networks.

Q: Tell us a little bit about 2nd Chances Saves Lives?

A: Paul & Tiffany: Our 2nd Chance Saves Lives TV show centers around a culture diverse and minority variety of deserving individuals, those in need of organ transplants, stem cell therapy treatments, child and foster care services, disease prevention, drug and rehab help, homelessness, serious legal troubles, disaster recovery, those who need employment or who are struggling with their finances, and so much more. Most often, people face these challenges alone with no help of any kind, feeling isolated and powerless. Our 2nd Chance Saves Lives TV show intends to change that to give exposure and assistance by being the outlet to connect relationships between those that need help and those that want to offer help by sharing the stories of overcoming hardships and transforming their quality of life. It’s a small example of what the world can be when action is turned into positive actions and results within a global community. This show aims to empower and give a spotlight to these individuals who would otherwise rely on government assistance, or who are just struggling to survive. 2nd Chance believes that they do not need to rely on government aid and seek to help those who have lost hope entirely and believe they will never find the help they so desperately desire through the kindness of humanity.

We also are in the process of producing our TV documentary series called “Forgotten Prisoners” where we aim to help release inmates who have been behind bars for too long or who have been falsely incarcerated. There are many people behind bars who don’t deserve to be, so our goal is to give them a 2nd Chance at life by sharing their story through our show.

Q: Who are some of the guests we will see on 2nd Chances saves lives?

Paul & Tiffany: We have so many amazing stories that will be featured on our show. The episodes we have filmed are:

  • Former 2x World Champion, professional boxer, and Olympic medalist Chris Byrd, as he seeks to restart his career after facing a life-threatening health issue.
  • Larry Griggs as he deals with the financial pressure of opening his own medical business in a deprived low- income community. • Entrepreneur Cici Mackey as she overcomes her abusive and criminal past influenced by her parents in order to give her daughter a better life.
  • Suzanne Tolbert as seeks to overcome the memories of her deadly drug addiction and the consequences that it brought along in her life.
  • Stephanie Beck as she seeks to make sure a terrible wrong done to her happens to no one else.
  • Jeffrey Mendoza as he seeks to overcome his past life as a member of a gang and rebuild his life in a way that positively serves his community while bettering his life.
  • Britney Grant as she seeks to start an inspirational business for the youth after overcoming a life-changing medical implication.
  • Johenny Volquez as she seeks to overcome her troubling childhood and end the cycle of instability for her daughter and family.
  • Anna Nyakana who is working to overcome a life dictated to her by her childhood circumstance and her status as a refugee by writing books that will educate the youth.
  • Kimberly Trapani who seeks to overcome a history of traumatic loss and stability to become self-reliant.
  • Alonzo Herran, seeking to make his break with his films in the film industry.
  • Ca-Asia Allen, seeking a second chance after experiencing teen pregnancy and the tragic loss of the baby’s father at a very young age-and the financial difficulties that she continues to face today.

Q : What inspired you and your wife to produce 2nd Chance Saves Lives?

A :Paul was inspired to create 2nd Chance because of the tragic events of his past that he endured throughout his life. In 2014, he went on to help fallen celebrities in Hollywood get their 2nd Chance. After meeting his wife Tiffany, in 2016, she founded the idea to change the concept to help the world and not just fallen celebrities and shortly after they went on to produce their first episode for their 2nd Chance Saves Lives TV show.

Q: What makes this show different from most on tv currently?

A: Paul & Tiffany: Our TV shows are centered around impacting the world by helping others on different platforms whereas others TV shows focus on entertainment of non-fiction TV series, from what we have seen.

Q: What do you hope will happen once viewers watch 2nd Chance Saves Lives?

A: Paul & Tiffany: We hope to inspire the viewers to change their perspective to help the people in their own lives. If we can pave the way in this way through our shows, then we would truly be making a difference in the world by changing hearts one day at a time.

Q: Where can viewers reach you?

A: To connect with us and/or read more about 2nd Chances contact us through our website.