Marriage Duo Paul and Tiffany Nutall Produce new show 2nd Chance Saves Lives to Air on Fox

  • Former 2x World Champion, professional boxer, and Olympic medalist Chris Byrd, as he seeks to restart his career after facing a life-threatening health issue.
  • Larry Griggs as he deals with the financial pressure of opening his own medical business in a deprived low- income community. • Entrepreneur Cici Mackey as she overcomes her abusive and criminal past influenced by her parents in order to give her daughter a better life.
  • Suzanne Tolbert as seeks to overcome the memories of her deadly drug addiction and the consequences that it brought along in her life.
  • Stephanie Beck as she seeks to make sure a terrible wrong done to her happens to no one else.
  • Jeffrey Mendoza as he seeks to overcome his past life as a member of a gang and rebuild his life in a way that positively serves his community while bettering his life.
  • Britney Grant as she seeks to start an inspirational business for the youth after overcoming a life-changing medical implication.
  • Johenny Volquez as she seeks to overcome her troubling childhood and end the cycle of instability for her daughter and family.
  • Anna Nyakana who is working to overcome a life dictated to her by her childhood circumstance and her status as a refugee by writing books that will educate the youth.
  • Kimberly Trapani who seeks to overcome a history of traumatic loss and stability to become self-reliant.
  • Alonzo Herran, seeking to make his break with his films in the film industry.
  • Ca-Asia Allen, seeking a second chance after experiencing teen pregnancy and the tragic loss of the baby’s father at a very young age-and the financial difficulties that she continues to face today.




Author, TEDx Speaker, Independent Journalist

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Angela A

Angela A

Author, TEDx Speaker, Independent Journalist

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