Music Propels Gaming into Space With Launch of An Exclusive FORTNITE Experience Known as ‘ZupaWorld’

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LOS ANGELES, CA — E. L. Earl Entertainment and acclaimed gaming company Raxplay are pleased to announce a partnership with a trailblazing music duo and band, ZUPANOVA, that has inspired the creation of an exclusive FORTNITE Experience called ‘ZUPAWORLD’.

This pioneering project marks the first time a musical group has created their own social gaming environment within Fortnite’s massive platform.

‘ZupaWorld’ will allow ZupaNova to engage and interact with fans in an immersive new waymerging music, gaming, fashion, live events and a docuseries. The experience is being to reflect ZupaNova’s unique style and brand across interactive environments and gameplay. Fans will be able to play as their own ZupaHero and interact with others in real time.

By building an engaging world that intertwines ZupaNova’s music with interactive gameplay,Raxplay is creating an experience that points to the future of entertainment. This innovative collaboration allows fans to connect with ZupaNova’s artistry in entirely new ways and provides a glimpse into the new horizons that are possible when music and gaming come together.

Raxplay is a music tech startup leveraging immersive technologies for new musical experiences. Founded by industry veterans Carlos Shields, Norvell Robinson, and awardwinning creative Omar Isaac, Raxplay has quickly gained traction. The team has participated in top accelerators, winning prestigious awards including the Lumiere and Cannes Lions. Backed by leaders like Google, Nvidia, and WPP, Raxplay is positioned to shape the future of interactive music.

E. L. Earl Entertainment, founded by CEO Eleanor Earl, brings decades of experience producing television, film and music video content and representing artists across music, film, tv, animation, podcasting and theater. Combining E. L. Earl Entertainment’s expertise with

Raxplay’s gaming capabilities provides the ideal foundation for ZupaWorld. The partnership exemplifies E. L. Earl Entertainment’s forward-thinking approach to expanding its clients’ reach and pioneering new formats of fan engagement.

Building atop Fortnite’s powerful technology allows for fast updates and a high-quality gaming experience with accessibility across XBOX, PlayStation and more!

Power of Music & Mission

The two-time Top 40 EDM and Hip-Pop Music Duo ZupaNova has been dropping global, chart-topping Top 40 Hits on the iHeartRadio Media Base in the U.S. with ‘ZupaHot,’ ‘Pop Pop,” “Don’t Think,” and most recently ‘ZupaLove’ while touring around the globe spreading themes of unconditional love, unity, acceptance and making a positive impact on the world while collaborating with fellow icons in the industry such as: The Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, Paul Gasol, BTS, Fall Out Boy, Iakopo, and many others.

“Music has the power to bring people together and to create positive change. We wanted to use our platform to spread a message of love and hope, and we hope that our fans will join us in this mission.” — Davy Brown

Greater Good

This powerful duo, led by Rawcel Cooks (musician and songwriter for The Black Eyed Peas) and Davy Brown (multi-genre producer/recording artist/multi-instrumentalist) continue to use their influence for positive change and giving back as long-standing ambassadors of, a nonprofit entrepreneurial program for disadvantaged youth that fosters innovation, solution-driven thinking, confidence and positive work ethic through business, music, fashion and special guest collaborations. ZupaNova is among other well-known mentors for the foundation that include: Richard Branson, Paris Hilton & Carter Reum, Brad Pitt, Jessica Alba, Ashton Kutcher, Tom & Lisa Bilyeu of “The Real,” Lou Williams of the LA Clippers and more. ZupaNova also had the honor of writing the theme song for the organization titled ‘AMBITION’ and looks forward to future projects with them.

When it comes to fashion, ZupaNova is known for its trendsetting clothing line that debuted at NY Fashion Week. They also modeled their clothingline and performed with Taboo of The Black Eyed Peas at a major fashion show in Singapore. They have also been spotted on the catwalk performing for runway fashion shows like “Fashion 4 A Cause” in Los Angeles, California. This fashion show brings together charities, fundraising, and nonprofit organizations through fashion.

In collaboration with Lowell Beasley, founder of #WE Global, ZupaNova will host several telethons that will lead up to the big New Year’s Eve Zupa Telethon. The live shows will air globally to 1.2 billion people in the USA, Singapore, China, Philippines, via the WCETV app (China) and via ROKU. Currently, FilAm TV has 33 million viewers in the USA. Each of these one-of-a-kind events will serve as additional platforms for ZupaNova to share its new ‘ZupaWorld’ game with their fans around the world.

Lasting Legacy through Gaming

This music and gaming fusion will mark the first of its kind in gaming history to transcend these ZupaHeroes into a fusion of music and gameplay with the creation of ‘ZupaWorld.’

“We saw a major discrepancy between the way people consume music versus how artists are able to monetize it. This solution represents an opportunity to catalyze a renaissance in which musicians can more creatively monetize their work and forge deeper connections with their fans. We’re excited to push the industry forward.” — Raxplay

In ‘ZupaWorld,’ music becomes a force for good. The ZupaHeroes save planets using the power of music. Starting with one planet, players will become immersed into an expansive metaverse filled with ZupaNova music, creating an engaging multi-dimensional universe. Raxplay brings expertise crafting music-powered gaming worlds. Fortnite’s social, galaxy-inspired aesthetic makes it the ideal environment to deploy Raxplay’s capabilities. Combined with ZupaNova’s unique space-based aesthetic, this partnership will maximize the music gaming potential.

E. L. Earl Entertainment and Illusive Media, headed by award-winning director and producer, Shomi Patwary, bring their proven track record in video, sfx and post production to the partnership. They will collaborate with Raxplay to deliver engaging and dynamic gameplay to the hands of users, to include this exclusive and immersive experience as part of ‘ZUPAWORLD.’

“It is my distinct honor to bring ZupaNova, Raxplay, Illusive Media and my company together to make gaming history with the introduction of ZupaWorld. In years to come it will be a case study on how to create an epic partnership in this new frontier.” — Eleanor Earl

“They say, ‘Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.’ As ZupaNova, we feel our future is shining bright as we welcome exceptional new partners. We’re thrilled to announce an expansion of the ZupaTeam through new collaborations with Raxplay and E. L. Earl Entertainment. Together, we will explore innovative intersections of gaming, music, fashion and live events. Each partner brings remarkable expertise that will allow us to create truly groundbreaking entertainment experiences. It’s humbling and exciting to have such gifted collaborators joining us on this journey.” — Rawcel Cooks

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