On a Mission to Move “One Million Moms OFF Welfare” Mathew Knowles, Ph.D. Joins the Effort with Founder of Can I Live, Inc. RW Jones at Upcoming Event

“The ultimate mission is to provide a proven, repeatable blueprint to breaking free from government dependency in order to start building a sustainable lifestyle of freedom and independence.” — Jones

When a mom returns to the workforce, she is immediately penalized with evidence of her completely losing her healthcare (Medicare) benefits, being reduced in her food stamps (SNAP) benefits and her experiencing drastic increases in rent and other programs such as child care.

Mathew Knowles, Ph.D. joins the nonprofit in their goal to move “One Million Moms OFF Welfare.” On July 8th, at 12pm EST, he will be featured as one of the first guests in the non-profit “Lunch and Lessons Learned” series to help bolster support for their cause and attract employers who will partner with their programs.

“If we can put a man on the moon, certainly we can eliminate poverty!” — RW Jones



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