On a Mission to Move “One Million Moms OFF Welfare” Mathew Knowles, Ph.D. Joins the Effort with Founder of Can I Live, Inc. RW Jones at Upcoming Event

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7 min readJul 7, 2022

Moms Don’t Want Welfare — They Want WEALTHFAIR is the mantra of the public housing tenant led non-profit. The “One Million Moms OFF Welfare” is an initiative run and operated by former and/or current mothers who receive some kind of public benefit. Mothers from across the nation are signing up to the cause, as they are fed up with the punitive rules and entitlement programs provided to millions of families living at or below poverty, which is structured in a way that keeps them trapped in a cycle of dependence.

Take a closer look at how Can I Live, Inc. Founder and President RW Jones is stepping up in support of change across the nation and the upcoming FREE Virtual Webinar, open to the public, featuring Mathew Knowles, Ph.D.!

Inalienable Rights for All

RW Jones, also known as “The Welfare Escape Artist, teaches low-income families how to protect and grow their income, while receiving various social services benefits (i.e., Subsidized Housing, SNAP, Medicaid, etc.). Jones spearheads the organization’s program development and is closing the gaps in poverty and raising the bar for social services programs. Jones’ mission extends with all resources possible and available to achieve realistic change for each family.

“Our mission is to advance affordable housing, economic inclusion, and personal responsibility through advocacy, community and civic engagement, and education. We believe that all Americans are created equal and possessed of inalienable rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and to justice under the law.” — Jones

CIL believes that all Americans are created equal and possess the inalienable rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness — and justice under the law.

“The ultimate mission is to provide a proven, repeatable blueprint to breaking free from government dependency in order to start building a sustainable lifestyle of freedom and independence.” — Jones

If not stopped, this vicious cycle of poverty will continue for generations to come. Criminal activity induced by poverty will rise, mental health depression will increase, and toxic and strained relationships will remain stagnant — which means teenage pregnancy, single-parent households, fatherless homes, juvenile delinquency, mass incarceration, and more.

Catch 22 of Welfare Dependency

Mothers are oftentimes stuck in an endless cycle of welfare dependency because of the construct of the program itself. If a mother decides to quit her job, stay home and remain unemployed, she will then receive FREE housing, healthcare benefits, food, formula for her babies, and in most cases, cash assistance. However, if she pokes her head out to chart her course of independence, she and her children are forced to walk the plank alone with no support.

When a mom returns to the workforce, she is immediately penalized with evidence of her completely losing her healthcare (Medicare) benefits, being reduced in her food stamps (SNAP) benefits and her experiencing drastic increases in rent and other programs such as child care.

What’s more — the practice of separating fathers from their families in exchange for various welfare benefits (i.e., public housing subsidies, etc.) is something that dates back to the 1930’s, and in many cases, are still practiced today. For example, in the state of Virginia, a mother cannot receive child care subsidies unless they place the father on child support–-regardless if the father is in the picture providing support for the child/children.

FREE Virtual Webinar, Featuring Mathew Knowles, Ph.D.

Hosted in Partnership with Bay Atlantic University (BAU), CIL’s Education Partner grants conditional acceptance for students who complete CIL’s certificate programs! The goal of the FREE virtual webinar series is to promote powerful stories of influential people that inspire and equip low-income families with the tools they need to remove barriers impeding their progress as well as encourage the business community to step-up in meaningful ways to help businesses and families grow.

Mathew Knowles, Ph.D. joins the nonprofit in their goal to move “One Million Moms OFF Welfare.” On July 8th, at 12pm EST, he will be featured as one of the first guests in the non-profit “Lunch and Lessons Learned” series to help bolster support for their cause and attract employers who will partner with their programs.

Jones and her team of moms have embarked on a nationwide tour, The WEALTHFair Tour, starting in the nation’s capital, to offer both a message of hope and inspiration to families as well as a road map with a blueprint toward financial freedom and independence — free from welfare entitlements, dependency and mental deterioration. She has uncovered the loopholes to help families navigate the system in a way that protects their risk for economic failure.

Jones is raising the bar in how families are served, engaged and enrolled into niche programs.

Federal Opportunities

The WEALTHFAIR Tour is a “National Scavenger Hunt” to locate the $18.9 billion in federal opportunities for low-income people through HUD’s Section 3 program. Over the course of this three-year WEALTHFAIR Tour, they will visit the poorest public housing communities in 300 of America’s most prosperous cities. Ultimately, the Tour centers on Reigniting Family Self- Sufficiency (FSS) Programs, Establishing & Re-establishing New Resident Councils and Advocating for Policy Change.

“If we can put a man on the moon, certainly we can eliminate poverty!” — RW Jones

Powered by RADAR, the engine behind the tour aims to strengthen and equip resident councils with the necessary skills required to represent the interest of their respective communities. The RADAR Program encompasses the understanding of HUD regulations, and how they apply to help community leaders access grant funding, fundraise, conduct effective meetings, resolve conflicts as well as negotiate an equity stake in their upcoming redevelopment deals. With current federal housing being privatized, and low-income residents being displaced by large numbers, this initiative is more than timely.

About Mathew Knowles, Ph.D

Author, Professor, Lecturer, Motivational Speaker, Music Executive, Artist Manager, Entrepreneur, Fighter, and Cancer Survivor would be the words used to sum up the life and career of Mathew Knowles.

He currently holds a professorship at Pepperdine University, London College of Music, Point Blank Music School and is the Dean of the Black Music Industry Certification Program, at the National Museum of African American Music.

Knowles passion said simply is to educate and motivate in the areas of Health & Wellness, Entrepreneurship and Music Business.

As a pioneer for African American success in the corporate world, Knowles’ corporate career includes sales and marketing at Xerox Medical Systems, Phillips Medical System and Johnson & Johnson. In music, having sold over 450 million records worldwide, he has architected the careers of Destiny’s Child, LeAndrea Johnson, Beyonce and Solange, just to name a few, and has worked with legends such as Chaka Kahn, O’Jays, Earth, Wind & Fire, and many others.

Program Opportunities Available

Professional Make-Over with Resident Opportunities in Self Sufficiency (ROSS)

  • Targeting Audience 18+ with Barriers to employment
  • Paid Training
  • Washington, DC

#. Unique skills to help parents navigate systems and leverage social services benefits.

#. Resume upgrades to help families access work from anywhere opportunities.

#. Professional resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profiles, headshots and make-overs.

#. Lessons learned with celebrity guest and internet influencers.

#. Raffle to win a new/used car with insurance, tags and fees paid up for one year.

#. Weekly Cash Incentives

Bootstrapping Bootcamp Business Program with the Resident Owned Business Incubator (ROBI)

  • Targeting Audience 18+ under-resourced entrepreneurs with “a dollar and a dream”
  • Paid Training
  • Washington, DC

#. Paid Business License, and Business Plan.

#. Marketing toolkit to include website email and domain fees; professional logo, electronic business card, hi-res photos, videos, 3D storefront and a chance to pitch for thousands in cash.

#. Connection to Section 3 federal and local contracts. Unique skills to help families protect income coming into their household.

Helping Creatives Monetize by Digitizing their Gifts with the Adobe Certified Professional Certification Program

  • Targeting Audience 18–24 out of school and work youth & young adults
  • Paid Training
  • Washington, DC

#. Adobe Certified Professional Certification

#. Adobe and Microsoft Office Software

#. Mac book Air and or equivalent hardware

The Ultimate Come-Up Family Self Sufficiency (FSS)Conference: Poverty Reducing Strategies for Families, Cities and States

  • Targeting Audience 18+ living in subsidized housing and or participating in self-sufficiency, program staff administering self-sufficiency work readiness programs and policy makers
  • National Tour States Includes Texas, California and Ohio
  • Up Close and personal conversations with Celebrities and influencers

#. Access to the Ultimate Come-Up Marketplace

#. Come-Up/Wealth strategies for TANF, SNAP and Voucher Recipients.

Realistic Approaches to Developing Active Residents with RADAR

Targeting Audience 18+ Resident council leaders and housing authority staff and statewide associations.

#. National Tour cities include Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama

#. Creating the culture of independence for agencies because self-sufficiency is more than a program.

#. Governing tools for community leaders and advocates.

Conference Calendar

#. Lunch and Lessons Learned with Mathew Knowles (July 8th)

#. RADAR Booster (August 3–4, 2022) Laurel Housing Authority

#. NAHRO Conference (September 27–30) San Diego California

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