Reimagined Tracks from 2Pac’s Vault

Tech Row is continuing what 2Pac’s estate has shown in recent months, which is using his powerful legacy in representing change by the release of the PRIDE collection. This inspired and helped plant the seed for reimagining “Hit ’Em Up” & “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted” as house music.

“I worked with Biggie’s son CJ Wallace and The Notorious B.I.G estate last year. I even got the honor to put on some of Biggie’s clothes that he wore when he was alive. Some of my associates have asked why I chose the violent Biggie diss ‘Hit ’Em Up’ as the first single. I wanted to take such a hardcore record and turn it into a jazzy dance record. House music is all about love and positivity and I look forward to seeing all the ravers dancing to this song.” — Jonathan Hay



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