Self-LOVE isn’t Just for Valentine’s Day — Feel Good, Attract Good

Angela A
6 min readFeb 2, 2021

Nobody truly understands the female body inside and out, or how women want to feel, better than women themselves — step aside men, the leaders of Cannabis Couture products and potions are here to reign. Her Highness is proudly inspired, engineered and tested — by women, for women.

Her Highness is a female-founded and female-first lifestyle Cannabis Brand based in New York, designed for the modern cannabis consumer. With an elevated brand aesthetic, a sophisticated collection of cannabis and CBD products, and stylish consumption accessories, Her Highness is created for the feminine lifestyle.

Her Highness Co-Founder Laura Eisman explains, “In Her Highness, we created a coveted lifestyle, centered around feel- good products in-sync with the way women live. Her Highness is a luxury CBD and THC cannabis lifestyle brand unapologetically focused on women, made by women. We reimagine cannabis with female-friendly formulas and high-end design to create products in sync with the way women live. As the first premier, female cannabis lifestyle brand in the country, Her Highness is an on-ramp for canna- curious women as well as a trusted source for experienced users who know quality but also care about design, form and function.”

Best of all, made with the highest quality materials and pure ingredients, Her Highness delivers a clean, reliable experience and memorable high. Her Highness is committed to supporting all women in Cannabis. Through a partnership with the Last Prisoner Project (LPP), Her Highness both donates and raises funds that directly support women incarcerated for non-violent cannabis crimes.

Tap into this fun-filled top product feature and treat yourself to something special… and useful!

Masquerade Collagen Mask $22

Our CBD skincare packs a punch of anti-aging, plumping hydration

  • Premium sheet mask infused with soothing CBD
  • Single mask contains 30 mg CBD
  • Anti-aging, addresses fine lines
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Deeply hydrating
  • Getting prepped for a date with Prince or Princess Charming (or Netflix) has never been easier. Between the smoothing, plumping and wrinkle-defying collagen in this CBD face mask, you should also prepare to be carded. Unlike some face masks that leave more product in the sheet mask than in your skin (you know who you are), we’ve designed our CBD face mask serum to absorb quickly. So you can supercharge your face, perform a mask reveal, and reap the benefits by glowing through the rest of your night. As for the extra collagen serum left behind, use the resealable pouch to store it in the fridge for 2–3 days. We love skin care products that give back!

CBD Facial $70

“Highly Beautified”
Hand-sourced quality CBD blended with fancy hydrators. Full. Frontal. Facial.

• High Potency 250mg CBD Facial Oil• Contains 1% Hyaluronic Acid
• Deep hydration
• Fast absorption

Maybe you’re looking to even out your skin tone or hydrate your skin to peak dewiness. Maybe you’re hoping to clear up a breakout or minimize wrinkles. Maybe you’re psyched for the and anti-aging benefits of CBD face products. If you rightfully desire all of the above, well…voila! Packed with 1% super-hydrating hyaluronic acid (thank you Her Highness for enriching your CBD face product with plumping benefits of hyaluronic acid serum), omega-rich sea buckthorn seed oil, smoothing Abyssinian seed oil, and loads of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial CBD, this CBD oil for face is a Beyonce-level overachiever. Not to brag, but with 250mg of CBD per $70 bottle, it also happens to be the most affordable. This beauty queen is coming to win all the titles.

Pleasure Oil $60

“Highly Orgasmic”
Our pleasure oil is just for women. Not a lube, it’s an orgasm intensifier.

  • Together with 500mg CBD, our Pleasure Oil includes extract of the South American “love flower”, a game changer setting this product apart from all others.
  • Organic California olive oil provides the base.
  • Not latex safe
  • Make your romance novel fantasy a reality with a little help from ultra-premium, hemp-derived CBD. CBD, a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, works hard to increase muscle relaxation. We’ve also added to our CBD pleasure oil a South American medicinal plant extract known for increasing salivation — AKA wetness. Put these two botanical powerhouses together in a base of extra virgin Californian olive oil, and you can guess what that means for your nether regions. We worked with a professional female herbalist to concoct the most powerful sex topical women can buy and tested it (many, many times) to make sure it’s legit. It’s not a lube, it’s an orgasm enhancer.

Lip Service Ashtray $26

  • Glossy red glazed ceramic
  • Gold foil Her Highness logo at base
  • For a ceramic ashtray that doubles as a glamorously kitschy statement piece, look no further. Her Highness’ red Lip Service ceramic ashtray stylishly keeps your ash contained while adding a pop of color to your coffee table. We liken the color of these utilitarian red lips to MAC’s Russian Red lipstick — originally formulated for Madonna to wear throughout her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour — and stamped it with Her Highness NYC in gold foil inside the mouth. Mwah!

Mary Me Ring $34

  • 14k gold-plated
  • One size, adjustable
  • When the only commitment you’re ready to make is to your own pleasure, celebrate with our delicate 14k gold-plated Mary Me marijuana leaf ring. To be more cannabis specific,
    this feminine ring is cast in the shape of a leaf from a sativa plant. Make a statement. Add some bling to your manicure selfies. Only you know how to do you. And unlike your standards, the size is adjustable.

“Lit for a Queen” Single Pre-Roll + Lighter $15

  • Relaxing CBD strain “Cherry Blossom”
  • Includes a gorgeous gift, our shiny gold lighter.
  • Extra long crutch to keep your smoke cool and the fire away from your face. No more
  • Singed bangs or eyelashes
  • Slim profile, .5g
  • What pairs perfectly with a glass of wine and a bubble bath? A half-gram of Cherry Blossom flavored organic CBD hemp wraps. Lucky for you, that’s exactly what we’re offering. It’s a slim pre-roll CBD hemp wrap with an extra-long filter that’ll protect your nails and eyelashes from getting singed, so you can luxuriate in old Hollywood style without the old-school carcinogens. As the name suggests, Cherry Blossom cannabis is known for delivering a healthy dose of relaxation. Whether you smoke the whole pre-roll CBD hemp wrap in one sitting or savor a few puffs at a time, you don’t have to worry about overdoing it. FYI, we designed the accompanying gold lighter to last a lifetime — so long as you refill it with butane.

Her Highness’ hemp-based CBD line of pleasure, beauty and self-care items are for national sale on and through select retailers. Her Highness THC products are available in 100 dispensaries throughout California’s recreational market and recently launched in Nevada. We are currently in discussions to expand into additional legal states.