Sizzling on Screen & Stage, Actor & Model Adam Dennis Geigeris Heating-Up the Scene with Sultry Charm & Striking Comparisons to Mark Wahlberg, James Dean & Marlon Brando

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3 min readFeb 3, 2022

Founder of Creode Theatre, Philosopher, Writer, Actor, and Model Adam Dennis Geiger lives by his own truths and passion, much like his industry counterparts, such as Wahlberg, Dean and Brando, to which he’s commonly compared. From his dynamic looks on- and off-screen, Geiger may have been born and raised in North Carolina but quickly found his way to New York City and made it his home since the age of 15 when he began living on his own, in true rebel fashion.

I am molded by fire and have a big vision.” — Geiger

Perhaps the journey that propelled his life on his own terms, in rising above a town of crime and poverty to pursue his ambition, led him to his destined path residing in the ‘City of Dreams’ known as NYC. Take a closer look at the reputed actor and model who’s quickly turning heads in the entertainment industry for his multi-faceted talent, look and overwhelming appeal.

From Vision to Reality

Beyond a visionary desire to be on the ‘big screen,’ Geiger discovered his own identity within the archetypes of leading characters who deeply motivated him in movies, books and plays. His relentless calling was enough to pursue the industry and work amongst those he revered on screen.

Geiger studied under some of the most heralded proteges and pioneers of method acting to hone his craft and technique, such as Lyle Kessler, Austin Pendleton and Broadway Producers. While attending HB Studios, Stella Adler and Conservatory at Lee Strasberg, Geiger did not stop there.

At the same time, he formed his theatrical presentation company Creode, Inc., building his modeling portfolio as well as an audience online and in the city. While pursuing modeling and being scouted, Geiger continues to realize his plans and pursuit in development of film projects, modeling and other partnerships, both bicoastally and internationally.

Creode Theatre

Geiger formed Creode Theatre with a vision to create art that is ‘raw and real.’ After reading philosophy, scripts, acting in plays and immersing himself in the method, Geiger began presenting shows in landmark theatres around NYC, while producing and lead-acting. It’s no surprise that soon after, he was picked up by a major ticketing agency and embarked on other significant partnerships.

Grateful to communicate his vision into realism that draws and builds around truth. Geiger continues to live in his element, seeing through a lens of life in the embodiment of characters and plays.

“Plays and films have a mystical, synchronistic quality that when they come into your life and you discover their essence, it is in perfect timing.” — Geiger


Geiger’s striking resemblance to a variety of Hollywood icons is no surprise, as his changeable look and ability to dive deep in emotion for a theatrical performance, grow a full beard and exude the rugged ‘bad boy’ charm, or polish his look for a luxurious fashion magazine is simply small reflection of his versatility on- and off-screen and in print.

“Life is the duality of being and becoming.” — Geiger

As Geiger continues to appear in notable print magazines and upcoming film projects around the globe, he continues to remain humble, grateful and full of ambition. One thing is for sure that Geiger has no intent on slowing down.

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